How Sigel took part in the „Normative Project of the West“

What is the Normative Project of the West?

The Normative Project of the West describes the evolution of the western ideals of human rights, the wars and the revolutions it took to establish them. 

Here, the West is referred to as a community of mostly similar values.

How did Sigel contribute to it?            

  • Franz Sigel fought not only one but two wars for the ideals of human liberty.
  • Before he came to the US, he participated in the attempted revolution of 1848/1849.
  • Without Sigel and the other revolutionaries, as Carl Schurz said at Sigel’s funeral, there wouldn’t have been a german unification in the 19th century.
  • How Sigel contributed to human liberty as a Civil War General is more obvious, since they esentially fought for the freedom of the enslaved and for a united US.
  • He fought with a command of mostly German-Americans, wich he lead with his great military skills.

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