I’m going to fight mit Sigel

This song was written by John F. Poole. It’s a German-English mixed song. Because Sigel came from germany, most of his soldiers were German-Americans.

Dem Deutshen mens, mit

Sigel’s band,

At fighting have no rival;

Un en Cheff Davis‘ mens we


We SCHLAUCH ‘em like de


Dere’s only von ting vot I fear,

Ven pattling for de Eagle;

I vont get no lager bier,

Ven I goes to fight mit Sigel.

Chorus: Yaw! daus is drue,

I shpeaks mit you,

I’m going to fight mit Sigel.

Schlauch: Beat            Tuyvil: Devil     Daus: That       Mit: With

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