Franz Sigel was borned at the 18th November 1824 in Sinsheim (Germany). He had six brothers and sisters. His dad was a chief magistrate. He went to school


From 1838 till 1843, Sigel went to school in Bruchsal (GER). After school he was a Leutnant at Mannheim.

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As a veteran of many battles in germany and the US,he fought in the revolution of 1849/49 and in the american Civil War. Due to his military education and fame Franz Sigel became secretary of war.


As a teacher in the city of St. Louis (Missouri) he was promoted as a director for schools and almost became secretary of state.


As an editor he was the publisher of a military paper.

But the role of a soldier was in which he mostly contibuted to the Normative Project oft he West!